Hole number 2 is an undulating then severe downhill par 4 of 312 metres. It is stroke hole 5 for men and 9 for women.

From the No 2 tee, players must hit across a grass filled valley onto an undulating fairway. It is flanked on the right by a bank of pine trees which are out of bounds. On the left of the fairway the bank slopes down very steeply to the 1st fairway behind another bank of pines. 

Most players generally employ a wood when teeing off and look to place the ball at the crest of the hill with about 100m of downhill onto the green. Accuracy is the key to this hole as straying off the fairway in either direction will result in problems.

In summer the run down to the green is very fast and the ball can often run over the green into the hazard behind !

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