Opening Day 2018

  • Saturday 13 January 2018 11am. Tee off at 12.30
  • All members, guests, visitors welcome
  • Bubbles and Brunch
  • Russian Stableford (Note the change in competition format)
  • Cost $15 – Golf is $5 and Brunch $10
  • Entries in by 9am Wednesday January 10th please.
  • Partners welcome to the brunch at 11am
  • Email entry to
  • Entry form (pdf)


Below you will find links to useful and related websites as well as a short glossary of golf competition terms.

Useful Links

Our Facebook page

Our page at Wellington Golf – Prodrive Golf, Thorndon Quay, Wellington – our friendly sponsors – Check your handicap and look over your recent games. – Wellington Golf Association.

General Information

Competitions and how they are played

Eclectic The aggregate of the lowest score taken on the same hole in each nine, less 50% of handicap. Note: It is not necessary to play the full 18 hole round to participate in this event.

Bisque Handicap shots taken where selected.

Blind Partner Normal competition with partners drawn after completion.

American Stableford Score points (1 for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie etc). Stableford on gross score at each hole then add the course handicap.

Canadian Foursome Both partners tee off, then select one ball that is played alternately.

Foursome One ball only, with each partner playing alternative shots and teeing off alternately

American Foursome Both players tee off then play a second stroke with their partners ball. One ball is then selected and played alternately.