Introducing our New Greenkeeper

Name:      Laurence Fennemore

Nickname:  Loz

Status:  Girlfriend

Moved to NZ from:  Guildford, England

Previous Role:   Deputy Course Manager at Guildford Golf Club

Why NZ:  For the outside lifestyle and friendly people.

First Impression of Wellington: Beautiful city, great people, crap weather

What’s on NZ Bucket List:

  • Highest commercial rafted waterfall in NZ
  • Nevis bungy jump in Queenstown
  • Fox Glacier
  • Milford Sound

Initial Focus as Greenkeeper:  To keep O.V.G.C. to the high standard set by Eden but also put my own stamp on it. I want to keep learning and find new ways to further improve the course with the help of volunteers.

Other Interests:

  • Playing rugby
  • Short holidays
  • Spend time with my girlfriend and other friends checking out the bars etc
  • Eating Out